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...your resources pertaining to pending Volunteer State beverage container anti-litter legislation, protection of Tennessee children from beverage container litter-related injuries, and spotlighting the Tennessee "pro-beverage container litter" politcal action committee money trees.


New 'Bottle Bill' Legislative Focus: HB 3350

I have recently received email from Dr. Marge Davis of the Scenic Tennessee and the Tennessee Bottle Bill Project web site concerning the new legislative focus of the state house version of the Tennessee 'Bottle Bill' --- the house sponsor is reportedly now directing all effort toward passing a single bill (HB 3350) through the S&L/Local Subcommittee.

It is my understanding that neither the state senate version SB 3616 or the state house version HB 3350 frees retail beverage container dealers in Tennessee from any legal requirement to operate beverage container redemption centers and this particular version of the Volunteer State 'Bottle Bill' should put to rest much (although not all) of the grocery and convenience store industry opposition to the enactment of Tennessee Bottle Bill legislation.

Volunteer to show your love for children --- write, email, and telephone your elected members serving within the Tennessee General Assembly and ask these folks to help protect children in Tennessee from glass lacerations with their enactment of the pending Tennessee Bottle Bill legislation!


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