Tennessee Bottle Bill

...your resources pertaining to pending Volunteer State beverage container anti-litter legislation, protection of Tennessee children from beverage container litter-related injuries, and spotlighting the Tennessee "pro-beverage container litter" politcal action committee money trees.


Tennessee Recycling Coalition:
Bottle Bill "Fallout"

Over the past half year, there seems to be more than just a little "bottle bill fallout" by Keep Tennessee Befuddled affiliate members spilling out over the pages of the Tennessee Recycle Coalition newsletters - a direct result of the Summer 2005 edition of the TRC newsletter featuring the article “Container Deposit Legislation” by Dr. Marge Davis of Scenic Tennessee.

Keep Blount Beautiful volunteer Kristi Kell Falco presented the standard KTB propaganda against the Tennessee Bottle Bill Project (apparently Falco has not been keeping up with her bottle bill reading at the Congressional Research Service - see below article) to the extent that Falco is seeming parrotting the same anti-bottle bill message of Keep Knoxville Beautiful Executive Director Tom Slater.

The main difference between Slater and Falco: recent IRS Form 990s for the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Keep Knoxville Beautiful reveals that Slater was pulling in around $37,500 per year at KKB...

Tennessee Recycing Coalition Newsletter

TRC Board of Directors Meeting
May 17, 2005:

Bottle Bill failed TRC is being looked at to support and help get this to pass. It will be on the agenda again in about 8 months. We can put articles in the newsletter expressing all information. The pros and cons both need to be presented. Jack suggested that we stay abreast of all environmental issues so, TRC can gather the information both pros and cons to present to the membership, and have them vote to determine how TRC will proceed...

Tennessee Recycing Coalition Newsletter - Summer 2005
(article “Container Deposit Legislation” by Dr. Marge Davis of Scenic Tennessee)

Tennessee Recycing Coalition Newsletter - Fall 2005

(“TRC Message from the President” by Christina Treglia)
[regarding “fallout” to Dr. Marge Davis’ article in TRC Summer 2005 newsletter]

Tennessee Recycing Coalition Newsletter - Fall 2005
(“The Importance of Comprehensive Litter Prevention: Why the Bottle Bill Won’t Keep Tennessee Roadsides Clean”)
Editorial By Kristi Kell Falco - Keep Blount Beautiful


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