Tennessee Bottle Bill

...your resources pertaining to pending Volunteer State beverage container anti-litter legislation, protection of Tennessee children from beverage container litter-related injuries, and spotlighting the Tennessee "pro-beverage container litter" politcal action committee money trees.


Newspaper Editorial Artist Mark Wilson:
New York Bottle Law

I first ran across newspaper editorial artwork of Mark Wilson while performing a Google image search for "bottle bill" and stopped dead in my tracks to view many more of his excellent illustrations and informative (and highly entertaining) editorial cartoons at EmpireWire.

Be sure to also check out Wilson's editorial cartoon archives --- as a Tennessee resident, I surfed through the EmpireWire archives for an hour or better just enjoying Wilson's rendering of a wide range of both New York and U.S. national political issues. Wilson's bottle law artwork pertaining to the beverage industry opposition of container deposits is especially brilliant...

may 11: message in a bottle.
Mark Wilson. 2004.

june 2: the bottle bill vs. the larger louder litter lobby.
Mark Wilson. 2005.

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